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World's Tallest Man-Made Tsunami

Japanese scientists experiment with the World's tallest man-made Tsunami to determine the power and behavior of it.

From seabed to crest,the 8 feet tall sea-wave(made artificially) is the world's tallest man -made Tsunami as per the Japanese Scientists at Port and Airport Research Institute's Tsunami Research Centre,Yokosuka,Japan.

In a narrow concrete tank which is slightly longer than a football field a gaint vertical slab lurches forward, creating a wave. Then the impact of such a wave is observed. Travelling at 25 miles per hour the wave pounds into a 4 inches thick woden wall,tossing table, bookshelf and mannequin into the air before sweeping them away.

But now the scientists are studying the impact level. As per Mr.Taro Arikawa, the project leader of the demonstration, "The bigger the tsunami we make the more accurately we can reproduce its actual destructive power."

Mr.Arikawa also thinks - by determining the power and the behavior of a tsunami the scientists hope to devise better seawalls and more precise evacuation plans for coastal communities at risk of a direct hit.

This type of safety measures in advance if could have been made it might have made difference in saving life and lives in the Indian Ocean earthquake tsunami in December,2004 that killed nearly 1,80,000 people and also left another 50.000 people missing.

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